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Why are you so interested in international politics?
My first masters degree is in Political Science, and the majority of my studies was international politics, however, I became fascinated with Australia's politics during the 2007 federal election, and the fascination stuck.  It's since expanded to UK and Canada, and I've always been interested in what's going on in American politics (after all, born and raised in Texas). It's truly a hobby to predict what will happen each election, but as my time has slowly been taken away, I've made fewer and fewer predictions, and may have to stop for a while outside of the major Australia/US elections.

You were in SGA for a while. Any chance you might return to elected politics at SGA?
Probably not. To quote Sean Connery: "I like retirement too damned much".

To be fully honest, it will have to take a special set of circumstances for me to even consider returning beyond general involvement such as going to meetings on occasion and voting in SGA elections. If there's a specific need for my specific skill sets in an appointed role, I'd consider it, but I put in eight years of active service and another two in somewhat active involvement.

Are you ever going to finish the Campaign Archive?
Maybe. I actually started designing the site, but until it's actually up and running, I've decided to not have a branched index anymore. There are actually other priorities that will eat a lot of my website editing time, so regrettably this is back on the further parts of my very long to-do list.

What fonts do you use?
Interesting question! The logo and most of the mainpage fonts is Quentin (a free font). The sidebar links are Abuget (a free font). Text on the site is Tahoma (chosen because it's a universal font found on almost all computers, thus ensuring that it's compatible. Older pages have fonts such as Futura Futuris C and Haettenschweiler (and these are being phased out). Election sites also use Geometos (a free font that can be licensed commercially, which I have done so). I'll eventually link to all these awesome fonts, so you can use them too!

What's with the Common Sense logo at the bottom?
In early 2019, I was introduced to the AnyBrowser movement, and since that time, I have worked to make sure that my webpages are as compatible as possible with all browsers. The only real issue is that I use PNG as opposed to JPEG, which may make ancient and relatively older browsers choke on the data, but it should still work just fine.

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