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Celebrating Ten Years of Campaigns, Election Predictions and a lot of rambling...
Welcome back to the newly renovated (January 2021) KortJackson.org!

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Updates: Website updates and update archive.
About Kort: A brief Bio about Kort Jackson, the human and creative mind behind this site.
Elections: Head on over to learn more about parlimentary elections and KJ's prediction on certain elections.
Social Media: Connect with me on Social Media. (Media link have moved to here.)

Recent Updates:
May 20, 2022: After a very long hiatus, returning with a prediction for the Australia 2022 federal election!
January 1, 2021: Spruced up linkbars again. New Banner Logo Ten Year Logo released.
August 10, 2019: Major updates to unfinished projects, new logo and spruced up linkbars for main pages.

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